Long term rental prices are on the increase.

The property rental prices in Sitges are on the increase and show no signs of slowing, this is due to the lack of availabity which creates the shortage for long term property for rental. 

We here as your Quality real estate agent are working hard to get you more available rental stock. The problem is well known and the local town council are working with us to rectify the situation in many ways.

1st Firstly the town council has halted giving out any new tourist rental licences ´HUTB´which has really been the heart of the matter. The properties with licences are usually sat empty throughout the ¨Low Season¨ and this creates a larger demand on residential properties for rent. 

2nd Secondly the town council have approved many new building projects which when complete will add to the housing stock of Sitges and therefore add more properties to the market, granted all will not be for rent , but those that are will then have a knock on effect by making the properties the tenants are moving from available once more for renting. 

calendar We anticiapte that within the next 12 months the property rental market will become more bouyant, in the meantime it is necessary if you are looking to rent, that you don`t delay in securing a property to find. 

 We estimate the property rental prices have increased by as much as 14% over the last 2 years.

Now summer is upon us the rental prices are increasing as has the demand for rental property. If you are looking to rent a property in Sitges beware the prices are at a premium as we approach summer.  

hard work The area of the rental market which has been hit the hardest is the 2 -3 bedroom properties close to the town center. The higher end of the market still has more availablity but again this doesn´t help the people looking to rent below the 1300€ per month price point. 

Garraf Quality Properties are working as hard as possible for our registered clients to find them the property in there budget, last month we helped to house over 20 families! So if your estate agent is not working hard enough for you, it is best for you to come and pay us a visit!! 



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