Areas in Garraf.


The Terramar area of Sitges is located at the far right hand side of the promenade if you are standing facing the sea. It is one of the most affluent areas of Sitges, it is mainly comprised of large detached villas in their own grounds, most with swimming pools and larger gardens.

Property prices in this area command excess of the 1,000,000 mark usually, but like every area there are bargains to be had. There are a few plots of lands also available on the market in this area. There are a few properties which have been converted into apartments but these are few and far between.

It is a very quiet residential area and a favourite with families, everything in this area is no longer than a 5 minute walk to the beach. It is a nice stroll along the promenade to town which will take you around 10 minutes at a leisurely pace.

There are very few services in this area such as bars or shops but there is a large hotel on the seafront called Hotel Terramar. Parking in this area is normally easy and available even is summer.

Train station is approx. 2KM, rental prices in this area are high, as are the house prices.


This area of Sitges is one of the most popular areas for rental and sale. It is located directly next to Terramar but closer to the town center. This area also has large villas and house but has more apartments and purpose built flats.

It is still classed and commands higher than average prices than the town center of Sitges. Typically the prices start from the 500k mark. Like in the Terramar area it is a quiet residential area and a firm favourite with families.

Some of the properties here also have large gardens and swimming pools. Some of the apartments in this area have recently been refurbished or reformed but there are still some ready and waiting for a personal touch to be put on them.

It is around a 7 minute walk into town from the Vinyet area, you will be closer to all the amenities in town but parking in this area is decreasing, especially in summer as many holiday makers take advantage of the free parking areas in the streets. So if you have a car and need parking try and locate an apartment or villa with allocated parking.

Train station is Approx 1.5- 1.0 km

Town Centre

This area has a wide and varied supply of property, ranging from studio flats up to large villas with pools, boutique hotels and ‘locals’ and business for sale or rent. But mainly these properties are not detached, many are flats and smaller type properties. Parking spaces in the area are very limited but a car is not necessary.

As you can imagine there is a premium on this area as everything is right on your doorstep, the beaches are usually within a 2 minute walk, the shops, bars and restaurants are all located in this area so no long walks to the shops.

Property prices had a wide range as do the size of the properties which reflects the price, typically rental prices are in the range of €400-700 for a one bedroom apartment and can go as high as €300,000 for a really nice one bedroom.

If you are requiring sea views the prices could go even higher. Prices can go as high as €3,000,000 for a large town centre properties.

Sitges town center is a lively place so expect some noise when you’re living here as the party atmosphere is all year round. There are some quiet and secluded streets which can offer you the best of both worlds.

The train station is no further than 1km walk from anywhere in the town centre.

San Sebastian

This area of Sitges is situated to the left hand side of the church if you´re facing the sea. It is similar in property size, but unlike the town center it is a lot more quiets although there are some great restaurants and bars here.

Most of the properties here are apartments and flats, some have sea views but these come at premium, you can find town houses and detached properties but these are few and far between.

San Sebastian has its own beach and promenade which is always busy no matter what time of year. You can walk into town in under 3 to 4 minutes. Again like the town centre parking is very limited and tightly controlled. The property prices are very similar to that of the town centre.

The train Station is no more than 1.5km from the furthest point of San Sebatian.

This area of Sitges is desirable and the property prices hold fast here.

Augiadolç (The Port)

This area of Sitges has 2 beaches situated within it, one is Balmins Beach and the other is Augiadolç, the properties situated in this area usually comprises of larger purposes built flats or apartments, very popular with families and also a lot of property here is used for holiday rental.

The property prices vary depending on size and age but on the whole it is a lot easier on the pocket than say Vinyet or Terramar. There is an urbanization situated next to the Port called the Marina Apartments which was built in the early 1990´s and is still very popular with buyers and people looking to rent today.

In the port itself there are many traditional style apartments ranging from studios to 5 bedroom apartments, to the back the port you will find larger properties which have views all over the bay, mostly the properties are apartments. The Melia hotel is situated here and holds many events.



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